Dr. Tim George


biographyDr. Tim George

Dr. Tim graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University, after first attending University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, WI as a biology major/ chemistry minor. He continues coursework in healthcare science and theory, including nutrition and continuing improvements in treatment methods.

Dr. Tim feels some aspects of care are particularly important:


Even though we are usually treating specific health complaints, we care about all of our patients as people, and we treat them with kindness and respect always.


It's important to stay focused and adaptable in providing proper treatment, and to change the approach if necessary, or to recommend another approach if ours isn't the best option.


Time is an increasingly important commodity in most people's lives, and we try our best to honor that. So rather than having people wait until the doctor can see them, we try to schedule so that we can stay on time but also give each patient the time required to diligently address their problem.

Dr. Tim believes that chiropractic care is an efficient and cost-effective treatment for many health problems, especially headaches, and spinal and extra-spinal (arm, shoulder, wrist, leg, etc.) complaints. He also knows that chiropractic care can often positively affect or even resolve more apparently internal complaints, such as unresolved stomach pain or dysfunction and recurrent ear ache/ infection, and other conditions. One of Dr. Tim's future goals is to continue to develop protocols to effectively resolve health complaints, prevent recurrences, and establish good health in general.